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Prof. Ozmen, graduated from Ankara University Law Faculty in 1978, and has a masters degree from Ankara University Law Faculty on Commercial Law in 1979. He obtained his doctorate degree from Gazi University Social Sciences Institute Public Administration Law Discipline in 1987. He lectured at Kocaeli University Law Faculty, Galatasaray University Law Faculty, Gazi University Law Faculty, Gazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Land Registry and Cadastre Vocation Academy, Ankara Police Academy. Prof. Ozmen holds courses of Civil Law and Obligation Law at Yeditepe University. Prof. Ozmen, published Devre Mulk Hakki (Timesharing) (1988), Turk Hukukunda Paydasliktan Cikarma Davasi (Case on Removal of Shareholder in Turkish Law) (1992), Kat İrtifakı (Easement) (1997). Prof. Ozmen, who is still working on a publication entitled Real Property Corpus, is still holding master courses of Building Financing Law (Mortgage Appliance) and Nationalization Law.

Foreign Languages: English, German.



Nil Ayhan, graduated from Istanbul University Law Faculty in 1976, has worked as a lawyer at the Forest Directorate between 1978 and 2003.

Areas of Practice: Forest Law, Criminal Law and Obligation Law.


Arzu Goltermann, graduated from Istanbul University Law Faculty in 1991, completed her Labor Law Doctorate at Vienna University, Law Faculty. She has worked in Finansbank (Holland) N.V. Germany Munich Branch as branch manager; in Finansbank (Holland) N.V. Germany head office in Frankfurt as a legal counsel (assistant vice president); in United Guaranty Bank International N.V. Germany Head Office in Munich and at the headquarter in Amsterdam as a legal counsel and vice president in credit administration department; in Garanti Bankası A.S. Head Office Istanbul as attorney at Law, in Yarsuvat law firm in Istanbul as attorney at law.

Foreign languages: German (excellent), English (good), Spanish (basic knowledge).

Areas of Practice: Commercial Law, Banking Law and International Trade Law

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