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Real Estate Law
Real Estate Law is one of the core service areas of Naipoglu Law Firm. Legal due diligence reports are prepared for the local and foreign, individual or corporate real estate investors and also researches are made regarding ownership problems of real estates. In this context, lawsuits are filed and followed up by our Law Firm. Our firm provides services including; real estate purchase agency, risk management in estate project, real estates dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration, raising a mortgage on behalf of a bank, drafting construction contracts, turnkey contracting and subcontracting, draft project turnkey agreements, and dispute resolution concerned with this process.


Company Law
Legal consultancy services are furnished for foreign and local companies, foundations and investors by our Law Firm. Furthermore, local and foreign company establishment processes as well as the local and foreign dealer, liaison office, agency establishment processes are followed. Legal consultancy services are furnished regarding the functioning problems of the legal entities such as company, association and foundation. The procedural and legal differences between various types of companies, especially between corporations (joint stock companies) and limited liability companies are mainly taken into consideration before and during the establishment process and the following transactions. A wide scope of legislation in connection with company law such as taxation, free trade zone and capital market, etc. is followed up in order to provide a comprehensive and solution-oriented consultancy supporting domestic and international commercial decisions of the companies. The Law Firm also has contacts in the UK to assist its clients in establishing companies, branches, liaison offices in the UK.


Mergers and Acquisitions
Legal consultancy services in this field include all legal stages of mergers and acquisitions from the preparation of due diligence report, letter of intent and memorandum of understanding to the preparation of agreements such as promise to sell, share purchase, shareholder and closing agreements; from preparation of official applications to Capital Market Board and Turkish Competition Authority to the follow-up thereof. Particular issues to be taken into account while a merger or acquisition of corporations (joints stock companies) and limited liability companies in Turkey are also within the expertise of the Law Firm.


Competition Law
Many notifications have been filed with Turkish Competition Authority and several undertakings are represented by our Law Firm at many cartel investigations. Several researches are made and memorandums are prepared with respect to the company transactions impeding the relevant market directly or indirectly such as competitive price level, horizontal and vertical agreements, limit between co-operation and cartelization, etc. Our Law Firm also provides consultancy on compliance programs and privatizations from a wide perspective of legal analysis including not only privatization law, but also competition law in depth.


Intellectual Property Law
Our patent and trademark representatives who are also attorneys file many applications for patents, trademarks and industrial designs at Turkish Patent Institute and European Patent Office. License, trademark and patent transfer agreements are drafted including all the required annexes. The lawsuits rising from intellectual property disputes are also followed up.


Labor Law
Full-fledged attorneys of our Law Firm in the labor law field, represent the companies and individuals at lawsuits regarding claims on labor law grounds. Labor agreements are drafted for the employers and employees, mediation is provided with respect to the disputes among employer and employees.



Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Law
Retired execution managers and many paralegals as well as full-fledged lawyers practicing in this area exist in our law office. Debt collection and bankruptcy transactions of corporate entities are currently followed.


Foreigners Law and Immigration Law
Residence permit, work permit and citizenship procedures of the foreigners are followed up at the official bodies including relevant police department, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and relevant associations of citizenship. In case of refusal by the relevant official bodies at their own discretion, the administrative objections are made at the relevant official bodies and lawsuits are filed at the relevant courts in case of refusal of the objection. 


European Union Law
Employing attorneys who studied in European Union Law master program, our Law Firm provides consultancy on EU Law compliance and to corporate entities in the fields of state aid, anti-trust law and customs law.


Human Rights Law
One of the partners of our Law Firm, is the chair of the European Human Rights Department in Istanbul Bar Association Trainee Lawyer Center. The other attorneys are in charge regarding presentations and seminars in the same department. Applications to the European Court of Human Rights regarding breaches of European Convention on Human Rights are submitted by our full-fledged attorneys, in particular breach of property rights, breach of right to a fair trail and breach of freedom of speech

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